1# Userbots, spamming & macros

Userbotting, macros, scripts and anything else used to automate running commands is strictly forbidden. 

2# Sharing exploits

Sharing exploits/bugs with other users is forbidden. Please report all bugs to staff on our Support Server so we can fix it as soon as possible.

3# account Boosting

Using additional accounts to boost your stats is forbidden. This includes generating gold or items, storing gold or items and executing raids on yourself.

4# Advertising

Using the bot to advertise anything will result in punishment. This includes other Discord servers.

5# Scams, sales & trading

Using bot currency (or any of the bot’s features) to scam, trade for, or sell anything outside the bot is forbidden.

6# Discord TOS and Community Guidelines

The Discord TOS and Discord Community Guidelines also are enforcable through our bot.