1.0 ・ Rewritten, Redesigned, Reimagined!


Hey, Raiders!

Today we are bringing a new chapter of ReefRaid – as it has gone through major code rewrite and database restructuring. This update allows us to have a better infrastructure that’s both stable, and offers ease for us developers to add more frequent content in the future.

And, I mean, there’s also been a few other changes, so scroll along to find them. 

→  Slash Commands

According to a recent Discord announcement, [/] Slash Commands are going to be enforced on all bots. Therefore, our legacy rr prefix will no longer be used.

However, we have put significant efforts to make the gameplay more enjoyable and seamless, such as adding quick-action buttons for ease of access, and reduction of excessive slash commands.


→  New Visuals

ReefRaid has been completely revisualized in terms of aesthetic, to adapt to a whole game redesign that features various new islands, new upcoming multiplayer features, and way more cool stuff!

We are having a new take on RPG MMOs, and this change is beneficial for that transition.


Things you might find new:

  • New island design
  • The Workshops island in /workshops
  • Rendered image in /fish
  • Rendered image on crop replant
  • Avatar creation & customization
  • Personal Pods 
  • New companion & item designs
  • Companions now show o/island
  • Standardized plenty of embeds for consistency
  • Clan Badges

→  New Mechanics & Rebalancing

In alignment of the several island changes, there had been a few points that are reworked:


  • Legacy Cannons (ATK) are now Ships & and Walls (DEF) are now Turrets
  • Vault upgrade costs has been significantly reduced
  • Buffed companion leveling
  • Buffed clan leveling
  • Removed deposit and withdraw commands, as Vaults are now automatically taking a portion of your coins and keeping it safe without having to do any further interaction.
  • Added “fuzzy search” in item fields, which helps you identify your item, even if it was slightly misspelt
  • Added Quicksell, which allows you to sell gained items from {fish, forage, harvest} at a +5% booster.
  • Coin Boosters durations have been significantly increased – however, Coin Boosters no longer work on coins obtained from crates.
  • New voting command, with voting streak system – every vote accumulates into a vote streak, which grants larger rewards on the long run
  • Free has been changed to a consistent free Common Crate 
  • Removed ghost command, and is now replaced /peace, which allows you to still play in your favourite servers, without the fear of getting raided
  • Maximum clan members has been increased to 10

→  Other changes


  • Added /favourite  which pins a specific item to your inventory, and prevents that item from being mass sold in category sales, such as /sell fish
  • Fixed bugs with a few companions not functioning properly
  • Buffed Dryad’s super crop chances
  • Networth command is now /usage
  • You can now search clan by player’s username, as well to clan name
  • Added Discord timestamps to cooldown embeds
  • Buffed Super Mystery Eggs chances in Legendary Crates
  • Buffed Spyglass chances in fishing

→  One last thing!

As a thank you note for everyone who’s been sticking around with us since beta, we have rewarded all players with an exclusive avatar outfit piece, that’s only going to be available for the players who’ve used the bot before version 1.0.