1.1 ・ Mining, Skills, Quests, and More!


→  New Foraging Island: Rocky Lands

Packed with a bunch of ores and a totally new mob, the Rocky Lands is a new desirable foraging destination! Make sure to grab your pickaxe from the new Blacksmith upgrade, and start your mining journey!


→  Skills & Stats

Skills are a new way to track progress in the game. You can now find out your skills and stats through the new /stats command.

Your stats are currently derived from how further you level up your skillsets.

This will be later followed up with new game mechanics and attributes that alternate accordingly to your skills, so make sure to get those numbers going up!


→  Quests!

Using /quests, you can now find quests that you can fulfill to grab some extra rewards! 

Quests refresh on a weekly basis, so make sure to come by every week in order to not miss on any rewards!


→  Some other stuff

  • New mob fighting mechanics
  • New leaderboard types – /leaderboard {type}
  • Quite some bug fixes
  • I forgot.