0.6.0 ・ Companions, Market & more!


Hey, Raiders!

Welcome to the new changelogs section on the ReefRaid website! From now on, major updates and patch notes will be posted in this section on a separate post page. But today, let me introduce to you the release of a long awaited feature, companions! Yes, they are finally here.

Read along to learn more.

Mystery Eggs

You can now hatch your Mystery Eggs and receive a unique companion. Each companion has a special ability, and this ability gets better the more you level up your companion. There are also 3 different rarities for the companions; CommonRare, and Epic.

Companion Types

There are currently three companion category, Farming, Foraging and Fishing. A companion would generate more XP from grinding it's respective category.

Bob Agrock Dryad
Available Rarities Common Common ・ Rare ・ Epic Common ・ Rare・ Epic
Perk Name Anti-wilt Precipitation Farm Spirits
Description Decreases crop withering rate Boosts crop growth rate Increased chances to get super crops

Kodyak Scout Mylzad
Available Rarities Common Common ・ Rare Common ・ Rare・ Epic
Perk Name Flesh Sense Speedy Scavenging Greed
Description Higher chance to forage food items Decreases Spyglass cooldown Increased chances to forage higher value items

Dew Hyla Mechalodon
Available Rarities Common Common ・ Rare ・ Epic Common ・ Rare・ Epic
Perk Name Aqualerate Farm Spirits Skill Heave
Description Decreases fishing rod cooldown Increased chances to catch higher value items from fishing Boosts all XP generated

Companion Station

Each level upgrade of the Companion Station grants you one additional slot to activate one of your companions. All active companions get XP simultaneously.

You can use rr help companion to learn more 


The ReefRaid market is a new way of trading in the game. You can now list your items or companions with a purchase price, and players all over Discord can buy it from you.

You can use rr help market to learn more 

Super Crops

You can now randomly receive a Super Crop from your planted crops in your farm. A Super Crop would yield 10x more crops than a normal one, however, the chances for that is low. Luckily, with the Dryad companion, you can buff these chances.

New Clan Features

New features such as clan moderators and clan announcements has been introduced since the last dev patch notes

You can use rr clan help to learn more 

And some other, stuff.

  • Added rr craft {item} all to bulk craft
  • Changed the rr coinflip command to rr gamble
  • Added gift, pay & market notifications